Men's Hoodies - Hot Rod, GearHead, Biker, Rockabilly Designs

Original hand crafted hoodies for car guys,  gearheads and bikers too.

DMK's hoodies will keep you toastie warm on those cooler fall days and winter too. High quality and durable for everyday wear and sporting my kustom designed graphics that will set you apart from the store bought designs.  

For work or play; Be Warm - Stay Kool!

Perfect for the cooler rides for us bikers who are bold enough to brave the cold rides.
While researching manufacturers and materials, I decided to only sell hoodies that I would personally wear while riding. Looking cool on the street is easy, but quality and function is much more important. It had to be heavy enough without being bulky, the cotton had to be soft, the elastic wrist and waist band need to be quality and most importantly, long enough not to ride up in the back while riding!

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