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Schmiere Hair Pomade - Water Based (Strong Hold)

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Water based hair pomade: easy washability and a great look


Strong Hold hair pomade

It was just that the Schmiere ravens have staked out their claim, a long missed relative with colorful feathers was washed ashore. And you better don't mess with this scoundrel! After marauding the seven seas - and every nest on the coasts - he continues his prey round here with his one-of-a-kind knowledge of water based pomades. A worthy new member of the Rumble59 Schmiere-Gang and an extraordinary support at robberies and with styling-issues alike.

The water-based pomade strong has a strong hold. It has a jellylike texture, a red colour and smells tasty of cherries. Your hair will be very easy to style and comb. But in the end this pomade convinces with its' wash-ability. The water-based pomade has the benefits of a retro-pomade but could be washed out very easily - even without shampoo!  It cares for spreading the pomade easily on the hair and for the perfect style - of course without drying up your hair. Your hairstyle stays the whole day through!  

The water-based Schmiere Pomade medium at a glance:
Strong hold
Colour: red
Smell: cherries
Made in: Germany

180 ml

Tips and Tricks:
The water-based pomade by Schmiere could be applied on dry or also on wet hair. For a classic 50s styling take some pomade and rub it between your fingers or hands. Spread it over your hair and style your hair as desired.

Schmiere by Rumble59 offers a great choice of pomade. Each one is beautifully designed, produced with love and cares for the perfect styling - not only for classic 50s hairstyles!

Unlike other hair pomades this "Schmiere" can be washed-out easy. 

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